Lisa Bosch


2 thoughts on “Lisa Bosch”

  1. Hello all from Guatemala!! I cannot believe it is Saturday. All is well with our group. We have already experienced great answers to prayer! I can’t wait to share all the stories! We will have lot’s of God moments to share with our boys once we are home. We miss them tremendously. As you could probably assume it has been very difficult to blog. We arrived in the VERY remote San Ramone Monday. It was an amazing 3 days there and it was roughing it at it’s best. It was very hot and the terrain was difficult but we were able to construct 5 homes and those families gave their hearts to Christ. I have never experienced something so powerful. After blessing the homes on Thursday afternoon we journeyed to the main Paradise Bound campus. Wow…the roads….it’s quite an experience! Yesterday we had a full day of packing meds and heading for a village an hour and a half away to do a medical clinic. It was a full and amazing day. It was a very sick village and they were so kind to us. The evangelism that took place in the evening is beyond words. Okay we have to go…one computer and many folks here. We love you and can’t wait to share this journey with you! Another medical clinic and orphanage today, market tomorrow and then heading home. God bless! Lisa (and Kevin)


  2. Hello again. If anyone checks this blog, please know that the blog has not been working well with WiFi difficulties. Matt posted a team update but for some reason it did not post. That’s okay. More stories for home, but know many tried to update it and it did not work.
    It is Sunday and we have made it to a day of rest. Phew! It will take us a few days to process all that we have experienced. Today is beautiful, sunny, warm day. We are relaxing at the PB campus and preparing for a day at the local market and packing our bags for home. We are all excited to see our families. We will depart here at 3:45 AM for a 9:00 AM flight to Atlanta in the morning.
    We look forward to seeing you and hugging you all. I have hugged an amazing amount of Guatemalan’s since being here! I feel like a giant! LOL. Thank you for your prayers! Please pray for safe and uneventful travels home. Love you!


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